Suzuki GN250 Bobber by Spider Grarage

Suzuki GN250 Spider Grarage Bobber

Spider Garage presents another motorcycle project. This time it’s three-color Suzuki GN250 Bobber


Suzuki GN250 Spider Grarage Bobber outside
Suzuki GN250 Spider Garage Bobber

It’s tough being a custom bike builder. Aside from having to make a living, you’re at the mercy of public opinion – but Spider Garage did a pretty good job on this Suzuki GN250 as well as on all other custom bikes Spider Garage has build so far.

The red/black combo looks awesome aside from the excess bodywork which has been stripped away, and the removed and shortened fenders, which gives a bike like this the real Bobber look. So don’t leave now, rather check out their video down below.  The short clip should give you pretty good impressions about the details and lines of the Suzuki GN250 Bobber.

Watch the full video here…


We believe there is nothing more to add, except in case you want to create and customize your own hardtail motorcycle.

Take a look!



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