Suzuki GN125 Street Tracker by Thomas

This is another project of a Suzuki GN 125 turned into a Street Tracker! The mechanic Thomas who build this magnificent motorcycle is from French and we found it on It is a brand that has passion for hand crafted and customized machines like this one.

Jealous much? Start building your own!

Take a look!

The basic idea is to rehabilitate and transform bikes to a classic look and custom-made machines. Follow your dreams, feel the spirit, be exclusive, keep it simple and enjoy the ride! Like in this case where our french fellower “Thomas” wanted to create something unique for his Girlsfriend.

The journey of this bike began when Thomas was looking for a startbike for his girlfriend. So he actually bought this  ’92 Suzuki GN125 for a small change. He stripped the bike completely and gave it a new awesome paint job, as you can see on the pictures.

On off his major changes were to cut off the rear end and making a custom seat, which by the way turned out to be pretty classi as we think!

Considering already to customize your Suzuki GN into a Tracker? Take a look on this!

Take a look!

The bike looks very clean and it really appears he choosed every step wisle. He was mostly trying to rebuild the original parts.  Besides a new handelbar, new reas shocks and a new exhaust remains the rest more less still stock.


Certainly a bike to show off and share with you folks. Don’t you think?




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Pictures @ unpneudanslatombe

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