Suzuki GN125 by Saurav Bera

Another awesome project from one of us!  Saurav Bera, from Kathmandu/ Nepal, one of our comunity members reached out to us and told us the story behind his Suzuki GN125.




It acutally was kind of a last minute deal. The bike was totally run down and in a very bad condition but he was able the save the bike. Initially the Suzuki GN125 was owned by on of his family members.




Saurav Bera started his project with no specific direction at the beginning. But he was certain that he wanted customize his GN that it looks like a scrambler or cafe racer or something in between. He started his journey by tearing all the pieces and weighty parts like headlights, seats until he totally stripped it naked…





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“And now I have a step by step plan. First I started with the rear seat loop then I grinded off all the excess parts and I built myself a new seat out thin metal sheet which was available to me…” was he telling us.


Meanwhile did our buddy Saurav Bera supply us with a video which he made. It is available on youtube but for your convenience is a direct link down below. hope you`ll enjoy it as we did.



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The proud owner and his Suzuki GN125



In fact we believe with some love and patience is everything possible. We think Saurav Bera did a great job. The final bike, tinted in navy green, looks pretty amazing considered the circumstances!


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