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Another awesome project form bikeexif. This time the guys customize a Suzuki GN 400 into a cafe racer. The motor was changed and the air stock was disposed of for a pod filter (which required the re-adjust of the carburetor). The front forks were inside brought down 3.5 creeps and raised up the triple-tree to permit the expansion of clasp on handlebars.


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The seat unit was hand-made utilizing sheet metal from Lowes, which was then cushioned with five layers of yoga tangle and upholstered in an exemplary precious stone example. The stock back stuns were supplanted with one-creep longer all-dark units from MikesXS, and the stock instrument bunch was supplanted with a 2.5-inch unit from Drag Specialties.


The tires were then included with a Firestone ANS 5.0-16 at the back and a Dunlop K70 4.5-18 in the front. The majority of the electrics are presently mounted to the underside of the seat skillet, and the battery was supplanted with a little, fixed lead corrosive unit to keep the moderate look.

It’s awesome to see a $1,000 custom motorcycle being inherent aficionados’ carports—with the amazing number of shabby old cruisers still accessible on Craigslist and eBay, minimal effort bicycles are something I’d affection to see get on.




The completed GN400 is ridden day by day by Adam and he has some street trips arranged that will test the fortitude of that yoga-mat seat. He says that the bicycle is as solid as gravity and he’s out on the B-streets at whatever point his understanding wife and three children will permit.

The greater part of the pictures here were taken by the strikingly skilled Adam Bendig. He likewise shoots autos, bike races, mountain bicycle races and pretty much everything else you can envision. In the event that you’d like to see a greater amount of his work, his site is justified regardless of a visit.




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  1. Beautiful bike! I am also transforming a GN400x into a cafe racer, and this posting gives me a lot of inspiration. By chance, could you please tell me what size main jet and pilot jet you needed for the Mikuni carburetor when you added the pod filter? Were there any other changes to the carburetor beyond that? Also, did you lower the front end by simply sliding the forks up through the triple tree? I really like how you mounted the clip-on handlebars above the triple tree rather than below it. Thanks in advance for any insight you can give me!

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