Suzuki GN Brat

Suzuki GN 250 Brat Style

Brats are pretty much soft tail versions of bobbers. All of them are street bikes stripped of all excess parts to just the bare necessities of what it needs to function. Brat styles usually have only minor frame modifications. (shorten) a thinner flatter seat installed, most have adopted the black rims, and I have seen […]

Suzuki GN Bobber

suzuki gn bobber

A bobber is a style of custom motorcycle and it was originally called a ‘bob-job’ from the 1930s through 1990s. The general idea of the customization is creating look of a heavy bodywork from a motorcycle. Specifically, removing the front fender, and shortening the rear fender, which is “bobbed” (as in bob-tail), and all superfluous […]

Suzuki GN Scrambler

Mokka GN250

Scramblers are geniually used as racing motorcycles. Most of the bikes are short with closed off-road tracks. Scrambler bikes have a small fuel tank not only for lightness but also compactness. Moreover this bikes tent to have long-travel suspension so as to allow a rider to take higher jumps. via: labmotorcycle Motocross engines are usually […]

Suzuki GN Classic

Suzuki GN 250 1991

A very pleasant and easy to ride 250cc single was created on 1982. Many variations over the years, some with wire wheels, perhaps the prettiest and others with cast wheels and electric start, these models generally having the ‘E’ suffix. The 22hp engine is used by Suzuki in many 250cc models for their home market, […]