Suzuki GN 250 specs

A very pleasant and competent SOHC 250cc single first launched in 1982. Many variations over the years, some with wire wheels, perhaps the prettiest and others with cast wheels and electric start, these models generally having the ā€˜Eā€™ suffix. The 22hp engine is used by Suzuki in many 250cc models for their home market, some […]

Suzuki GN 125 specs

GN 125 2002

Introduced in 1991 for the popular 125 learner legal market, this relatively sophisticated SOHC engine gave just 11hp, which ensured it sold in all the 125cc markets of Europe. The U.K at that time had a 12hp ceiling on 125ā€™s, and other countries had similar learner legal rulings. A popular machine with rider training schools […]