Suzuki GN400 Flat Track

Suzuki GN400 Flat Track Thumbnail

Now for the todays topic. In the words of the tourist guide, the original look is not preserved much, as you can compare stock Suzuki GN400 photo.   All the plastics, then the lights, the fenders, the air box, the mirrors and all the other unnecessary details, were left in the dustbin all the way, […]

Suzuki GN250 Bobber by Spider Grarage

Suzuki GN250 Spider Grarage Bobber

Spider Garage presents another motorcycle project. This time it’s three-color Suzuki GN250 Bobber   It’s tough being a custom bike builder. Aside from having to make a living, you’re at the mercy of public opinion – but Spider Garage did a pretty good job on this Suzuki GN250 as well as on all other custom […]

Top Café Racer Seats To Buy…

In addition to light weight, a tuned engine and minimalist bodywork, the Café Racer typically features distinctive ergonomics. Along with the rearward located seat, the posture often required rearsets, or rear-set footrests and foot controls, again typical of racing motorcycles of the era. Great design is eliminating all unnecessary details Today, for the owner-rider wanting […]